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Spatial Development Observatory



The Spatial Development Observatory (OST – Osservatorio dello Sviluppo Territoriale) is a research unit at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, working since 2007 on spatial observation, geo-information and urban geography. OST develops indicators, methodologies and GIS models for spatial analysis and applies its competences in different ways:

  • exercises a public mandate (OST-TI) for the scientific support of activities of the Sezione dello sviluppo Territoriale (Ticino Canton);
  • elaborates research on spatial development issues (settlement, urbanization, mobility, economic activities, public spaces, etc.);
  • at the Academy is placed in the disciplinary area Culture of the territory for the teaching of urban geography and the principles of spatial development;
  • provides geodata to support teaching activities at the Academy (for more infos send an email to: ost.atelier.arc@usi.ch).
  • Responsible
    • Gian Paolo Torricelli
  • Collaborators
    • Giulia Buob
    • Sara Ponzio

    • Loris Vallenari
    • Camilla Moreni

  • Address
    • Osservatorio dello sviluppo territoriale
    • Accademia di architettura
    • largo Bernasconi 2
    • 6850 Mendrisio
    • Svizzera
  • Phone
    • +4158 666 5982
    • +4158 666 5961
  • Fax
    • +4158 666 5868
  • E-mail