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Workshop Mapping Techniques and Citizenship

São Paulo

13-17 November 2018

PARTICIPATORY MAPPING: TECHNOLOGY AND CITIZENSHIP, USI Accademia di architettura, Osservatorio dello Sviluppo Territoriale

Traditionally, the complexity behind the elaboration of maps in the field of spatial development has confined mapping to a limited number of technicians mandated by local governments. However, during the last few decades the rise of geospatial technologies accessible to a large public has opened up unprecedented possibilities in the field of cartography, especially regarding the participation of non-specialized citizens to the elaboration of geographic information. With these considerations in mind, the workshop Mapping Techniques and Citizenship proposed to bring this discussion to the context of emerging countries’ metropolises. A series of conferences was therefore organised to address the potential of new technologies to generate, in a decentralized and participative way, relevant spatial information to support the spatial development of precarious settlements that result of "informal" urbanization processes.


The proceedings of this workshop are now available online:
PESSOA COLOMBO, V., BASSANI, J., TORRICELLI, G.-P., & de ARAÚJO, S. A. (Orgs.) Participatory mapping: technology and citizenship. First edition, 2019 - digital version.