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Archivio del Moderno


The Archivio del Moderno is a centre of advanced studies and foundation active in the field of the history of architecture, engineering, spatial planning, design and the visual arts. It is part of the constellation of the Università della Svizzera italiana, as well as of the European network of research centres devoted to these studies. It was founded in 1996 as an institute of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and established as a foundation in 2004 by the USI. To strengthen and coordinate academic activities, the USI established the Archive at the Academy of Architecture in 2018, while the foundation is the holder and guarantor of the conservation and valorization of its archives. The study centre is a place for researchers from around the world to meet and work together. Among its priorities it recognizes the promotion of young scholars. It conducts numerous research projects, funded by third-party institutions and competitive research establishments, and in this field it has activated multiple partnerships with universities, research institutes, museums, archives and foundations, both nationally and internationally. It preserves over 50 archives of architects, engineers, urban planners, designers and visual operators who played a significant role in the emergence of modernity.

  • Director
    • Letizia Tedeschi
  • Deputy Director
    • Nicola Navone
  • Staff
    • Riccardo Bergossi

      Micaela Caletti

      Sabine Cortat

      Francesco Dendena

      Alberto Franchini
      Giacomo Girardi
      Paola Giudici

      Renzo Iacobucci

      Matteo Iannello

      Romain Iliou
      Valeria Mirra

      Guillaume Nicoud

      Alessandra Pfister

      Serena Quagliaroli
      Federica Rossi

      Giulia Spoltore

      Elena Triunveri

      Marta Valdata

      Stefania Ventra

      Annalisa Viati Navone

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Marco Zanuso