Swiss mobility

Students have the possibility to spend one or two semesters at another Swiss university.
A period of study at another university allows students to:

  • Discover another Swiss region with a different language and culture
  • Enhance their language skills
  • Benefit from a greater variety of courses
  • Make new contacts and friends
  • Experience a new learning environment.

A framework agreement signed by all Swiss universities guarantees full mutual recognition of study semesters, curricula and related validation of credits obtained from course assessment work and examinations passed in the hosting institution.
There are no administrative barriers: while attending one or two semesters at another Swiss university, students remain matriculated in their home university, where they continue to pay tuition fees.
Cantonal government-funded study grants or studentships allocated by the home university continue to be paid during the “away” period.



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  • Swiss Mobility - OUTGOING students

    Open spots at partner universities

    Click here to see the list (refer to the Swiss Mobility section)



    The general requirements for students who wish to apply for a Swiss Mobility programme are as follows. They must:

    • Be regularly enrolled in a course of study at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture
    • Possess the prerequisites specified in the Regulations of Studies of the Academy of Architecture.


    The length of stay at the host university is 1 or 2 semesters.


    The Academy of Architecture makes a selection of the candidates. The documents necessary for registration for a period of study with Swiss Mobility programme are as follows:

    • Application form containing the personal details of the student and the host university
    • Portfolio (book) with the best projects produced in the years of study and during the period of practical experience
    • Letter of motivation.

    The documents (application form, portfolio and letter of motivation) must be submitted or sent to the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture, c/o the secretary’s office, by 10 February.
    The selection is made only once each academic year.
    The results are published at the end of February.

    Program of studies

    Before leaving, the candidates selected should establish a basic educational program to be presented to the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture. The program agreed (learning agreement) makes it possible to validate the equivalence of the Interuniversity period of study spent in Switzerland.
    The period of study will then be validated by the Mobility Commission after the presentation of a portfolio containing the projects produced and a certificate attesting the allocation of the ECTS credits


    There are no grants for Swiss Mobility exchanges.

    Contacts with the host university

    The International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture passes the names of the candidates selected and their application forms to the partner universities. The students selected will then be contacted directly by the host university.


    Accommodation and the procedures for renting vary from canton to canton. Students should contact the Mobility office of the host university’s mobility office for information.


    Once all the essential information has been supplied by the host university (start of the course, accommodation, welcome activities, language courses...) the student can make travel plans.


    The student must register in person with the Mobility Service of the host university by the beginning of the semester.
    Foreign students in possession of a residence permit should find out in good time from the Regional Foreigners’ Bureau the procedure to be followed. They should also announce their departure from the down to the local Control of Residents Office and announce their arrival at the Control of Residents Office in the new town.
    For all educational information, the student should contact the coordinator of the Swiss Mobility programme of the host university.


    For recognition of the examinations taken, each partner university has its own official procedure for issuing the documentation.
    It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the certification of the educational activities is delivered to the coordinator of his/her home faculty.


    Within three weeks after the end of the exchange period abroad, students who have spent a stay under the Swiss Mobility Programme must send or submit a report on their study stay to the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture, at the secretariat ([email protected]).

    Read reports from students who have already completed the exchange (you must use your Academy computer login to access the reports)


  • Swiss Mobility - INCOMING students

    The basic steps to register for a period of study at the Academy of Architecture are:

    • Obtain information on the program of studies proposed by the faculty
    • Discuss the period of study that you wish to prepare and establish a program of study in agreement with your home university
    • Obtain the informative material concerning mobility
    • Register with the mobility service of your home university before the deadline:
      • May 1 for the coming Autumn semester
      • November 1 for the coming Spring semester
    • Register with the USI Mobility Service at the online platform; the Mobility Service will provide confirmation one month after the above date
    • Register in person at the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture no later than the beginning of the semester
    • Foreign students holding a residence permit must submit an application at an early date for transfer for a temporary stay in the Canton Ticino and then register at the Control of Residents Office of their new place of residence.


    Practical information for students staying at the Academy