Atelier Carrilho da Graça

Accademia di architettura Mendrisio Carrillo da Graca Visiting Professor
Atelier Carrillo da Graca

Msc 1 / MSc2

The studio promotes the definition of a sensitive relationship between the programme for urban public space and the territory in which it is integrated and articulated, namely the port platform as a boundary space, characterised by a linear park with the aim of reconnecting the city of Lisbon to the Tagus river. It passes from the morphological analysis of the territory to the architectural design of the public space, through the definition of a functional settlement programme for public use, studied and tested with large-scale models.
“From the beginning I was trying to see if I could make art that did that. Art that was just there all at once. Like getting hit in the face with a baseball bar. Or better, like getting hit in the back of the neck. You never see it coming; it just knocks you down. I like this idea very much: the kind of intensity that doesn't give you any trace of whether you're going to like it or not” (Bruce Nauman, Paroles d’Artiste).