Atelier Mandrup

Dorte Mandrup. Docente invitato all'Accademia di architettura
Dorte Mandrup

BSc3 / MSc1

This semester the design task will be an Archive and Documentation Center in Saaleck, Germany, in relation to the uncomfortable monument. The complex of buildings, Saalecker Werkstatten in Saaleck, nestled high on a cliff above the Saale river, looks back on a grave and complex past, inevitably linked to German architect and racial ideologist Paul Schultze-Naumburg. In 1902 he built his home in Saaleck and shortly thereafter founded the Saalecker Workshops, which soon became a plateau for National Socialist sentiment and ideology.
By allowing historical structures to be inhabited by new functions, new values and new content, we allow history to be alive and to develop. Hereby we allow a richer and more complex understanding of both our past and present.