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BSc1_Introduzione al progetto architettonico. Lezione di Paolo Bürgi



BSc1 Introduzione al progetto architettonico



From the Perimeter to the Horizon


Lezione di Paolo Bürgi


Martedì 2 aprile 2019 ore 11.00

Auditorio, Teatro dell'architettura


Beginning from the small, passing through the urban and approaching a territorial scale project, we always move from the same fundamental principles, with the same design philosophy: we aspire to discover new points of view and how to re-find landscapes full of unexpected meanings. In first place we let ourselves be inspired by the site and wonder how to approach it, how to walk through, but also how to leave it. The second step refers to the hidden dimension that is possible to be discovered beyond the physical perimeter. A sensitive observation will allow us to focus on the existing dialogue with the surrounding environment, on the interaction between the nearby elements and the horizon. From here begins the research on the history of the site, always arousing curiosity and the desire of going deeper in perceiving the site. All the stages of this creative process are essential, but in every project they lastly give rise to a result that is completely different from the previous one.







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