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BSc3_Teoria dell'architettura: da Vitruvio a oggi. Lezione di Michael Gnehm



BSc3 Teoria dell'architettura: da Vitruvio a oggi.

Prof.ssa Sonja Hildebrand



Editing Gottfried Semper's Style


Lezione di Michael Gnehm


Mercoledì 17 aprile 2019 ore 15.20

Aula C0.61


Since the Modern Movement, Gottfried Semper has often been valued to be more interesting as a theoretician than as an architect. His Style in the Technical and Tectonic Arts became the bible for a repeatedly renewed interest in his “principle of cladding.” However, critical readings of this foundational text of much of today’s architectural theory are still rare. The lecture discusses what a critical edition of Semper’s Style, in analyzing its different stages from manuscript to print, can mean for architecture.


MICHAEL GNEHM lectures and researches in the history and theory of architecture at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Mendrisio, ETH Zurich, and the Université de Neuchâtel. He is project leader of a critical digital edition of Semper’s Style funded by the Swiss National Science Foundatio

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