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MSc1 La città come paesaggio energetico. Lezione di Elisa Iturbe



MSc1 La città come paesaggio energetico

Prof. Sascha Roesler


Lezione online


Elisa Iturbe

Carbon Cities


Lunedì 8 marzo 2021 ore 15:20

@Zoom >>LINK

Meeting ID: 970 3827 0208
Passcode: 161385


Elisa Iturbe is co-founder of the firm Outside Development, a design and research practice. She is a critic at the Yale School of Architecture, where she teaches design studios and a seminar titled The City & Carbon Modernity. Recently she guest-edited Log 47 “Overcoming Carbon Form,” and co-wrote a book with Peter Eisenman titled “Lateness”. In this lecture, Iturbe will address how carbon shapes architecture beyond the idea of energy efficiency and the potential of architecture in decarbonization.


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