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"Palenque actually used to be called the city of the snake. There were people there who worshiped the snake and, in a sense, this hotel is built in a kind of intertwining snaking way. It has no center, or you might try to find a center in this place but you really can't, you know, because it's so de-differentiated, and so the logic of the whole place is just impossible to fathom..."

Immagine e parole usate da Robert Smithson in una conferenza per gli studenti di architettura, University of Utah, 1972

Robert Smithson, Hotel Palenque, 1969-72, © Estate of Robert Smithson/Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York



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Lionel Devlieger, Maikel Kuijpers, Maria Eleonora Maccari

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