Atelier Pappelbaum

Jan Pappelbaum

BSc3 / MSc1

Born in 1966 in Dresden. Since 2000 set designer and manager of the scenography department at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz. High school diploma, competitive sport in volleyball and bricklayer apprenticeship in Leipzig. Studied architecture at today's Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where he did his first own student theatre works. From 1993 on, he was assistant to the stage designer Dieter Klaß for the »Urfaust-Kubus« at Kunstfest Weimar, in the artistic direction of Manfred Karge. In this context, he collaborated with students of the Berliner Regieinstitut for the first time, i. a. Tom Kühnel, Andrea Moses, Thomas Ostermeier and Robert Schuster. First set design in 1994 at the b.a.t. Studiotheater Berlin for »King Ubu« (Direction: Claudia Bauer). From 1995 stage sets i. a. in Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Potsdam, Weimar. From 1998 on, he regularly collaborated with Robert Schuster and Tom Kühnel as set designer at Schauspiel Frankfurt, from 1999 on as equipment manager at the TAT in Frankfurt am Main. Continuous collaborations with Thomas Ostermeier, first at the Baracke at Deutsches Theater Berlin, which he converted into an experimental stage in 1997, then from 2000 onwards at the Schaubühne. Since then, he has designed the stage sets for productions of i. a. Thomas Ostermeier, Falk Richter, Patrick Wengenroth, Constanza Macras, Armin Petras, Tom Kühnel, Benedict Andrews and Rafael Sanchez. Further works with Thomas Ostermeier in Vienna, Moscow, Amsterdam and Lausanne. Works for the opera among others at Staatsoper Stuttgart (»Falstaff«, 2013), Staatsoper Berlin (»Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg«, 2015) Deutsches National Theater Weimar (»Der Freischütz«, 2016), Mozart Woche Salzburg 2018 (»The Abduction from the Seraglio«) and the Staatsoper Wien (»Die Weiden«, 2018), all directed by Andrea Moses. Workshops and solo exhibitions of his stage sets in Oslo (2009), Krakow (2011), Venice (2015), Hong Kong (2018) and Skopje (2019). In 2006, the book »Dem Einzelnen ein Ganzes / A Whole for the Parts: Jan Pappelbaum. Bühnen / Stages« was published by Theater der Zeit. Exhibition architectures at the Städel Frankfurt am Main and the Hygiene-Museum Dresden.