The Academy's Corporate Image

In 2017, USI introduced a new corporate design – adherent to the Swiss school of graphic design – to address the need to position the University clearly and consistently in an increasingly competitive and globalised context.

The main elements of the new corporate design are:

  • the logotype
  • the typographic system with fillets of different widths to organise the information
  • the array of colours of the Faculties
  • the Akzidenz-Grotesk® typface
  • the new iconographic style

A series of layout grids, predefined formats and materials provide increased consistency between the various products. USI's institutional image is based on a very precise system of grids and elements therefore, all requests for producing graphic design materials must be submitted to the Graphic design service (Mendrisio Campus [email protected]). 

More information on USI corporate design are available at this page.

Information and materials related to

  • logo
  • designations
  • business cards
  • photos
  • institutional character

are available at

Available templates

  • USI logo - to be used for publications and external communications (the USI logo is valid only as a positive element - black over white; it cannot be used in white on a black background, except in exceptional cases to be verified with the graphics department).The use of the logo complies with the rules provided by the coordinating project. For printing, the size must be 30 mm (standard). In other cases, the size can be reduced to 15 mm or 10 mm (in small documents).
    Academy of Architecture logo.
    Should you have any questions on how to use the logo, please contact [email protected]
  • Academy of Architecture stationery
    download here (template in Italian)
    download here (template in English)
  • ISA stationery
  • LabiSAlp stationery
  • Library stationery

A reference template complete with instructions for use is available at, Institutional stationery section.

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