Strengthening the administrative services in support of USI's growth


Institutional Communication Service

31 March 2022

At its meeting on Wednesday, 30 March 2022, the University Council approved the new organisational chart for USI's administrative services.

The new organisational structure of the services answers the need to support better the significant development experienced by our University in recent years, due to the increase in the number of students and the growth in activities and research projects. The new organisational chart, which will be refined in detail through structured dialogue with the services concerned, is inspired by three principles of utmost importance: a transparent distribution of roles and responsibilities between academic/institutional management and administrative management; stronger empowerment of the heads of the services; and, where needed, strengthening of the services. Also pivotal is the desire to further develop cross-cutting synergies among different services, faculties and the entire organisation.

The main news is the creation of the new executive position of Director of Operations, who will head the services and be responsible for their coordination and transversality. A public call for applications will be issued shortly for this position. 

USI operational management will be taken over immediately (and until the arrival of the new Director of Operations) by a Transition Committee composed of Antoine Turner (president and coordinator), Guido Turati (external), Cristina Largader and Giovanni Zavaritt. The Transition Committee will also carry out specific tasks to implement the organisational chart. It will report to the Administrative Committee of the Council, which will also act as an interface with USI Rector Boas Erez and with the Rectorate.