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24 August 2022

Learning a language has never been easier! Through the platform, free of charge, eTandem USI, it is now possible to post supply and demand ads for a language tandem with native speakers. 

With nearly one hundred countries represented on its three campuses, Università della Svizzera italiana is a multicultural and multilingual institution. The eTandem platform, launched in 2022, aims to integrate the university's language courses and promote language learning and culture sharing. 

The USI eTandem programme is aimed at USI students/students and USI employees interested in improving or practising a foreign language with a native speaker. 


How it works

Access the available listings through the USI eTandem platform (accessible with edu-ID credentials). From there, choose the profile that matches your language learning goals and contact the person via email. For example, if one's native language is English, one can choose to practice Italian with a native speaker and, in return, speak and teach English to their tandem partner. 


No profile matching your goals? 

Post your own advertisement using the online form if the available tandem offers do not match what you are looking for. 


Access the platform