Nuova Thule on the Est Campus


Institutional Communication Service

28 September 2022

A new place to gather and exchange ideas conceived by the student association riOSA, a chapter of the Student Organisation Academy of Architecture active in devising and implementing solutions to foster sustainability on campuses, especially through the concept of reuse.

Nuova Thule was created as a travelling platform both on land and on the lake in the form of a raft, thanks to a floating structure made of laminated wood and reconditioned plastic barrels. Its journey leads through social and cultural gatherings, offering itself to the community as a platform for spontaneous aggregation. New Thule's journey began in Mendrisio, and in recent days it has reached the entrance of the new East Campus Lugano. It will be stationed at the campus entrance for two months and then continue its course to new destinations to remain a point of social cohesion in different public contexts.

The 5m-diameter installation consists of a steel-reinforced wooden structure topped by an essential scenography composed of archetypal elements - a frame, a table and a mast. Tucked under the table is a travel suitcase: inside it are useful objects for different social and cultural experiences, creating an unexpected connection between other users.

The riOSA association designed this architectural object that openly communicates both with the academic community on the different university campuses and with the region and its residents: precisely for this reason, Nuova Thule was placed on the outer perimeter of the East Campus along the Cassarate River, a crossing point for families and residents.

The project was also carried out with the support of the USI Student Corporation. The Student Council, at its meeting on 29 March 2022, unanimously decided to support with a loan the creation of the installation proposed by the student association riOSA.