Co-presences. Public lectures Spring Semester 2022/23


Academy of Architecture

30 January 2023

Public lectures 2022/23


Thinking and design practice


Seeing the co-presence of systems of thought as enabling new ways of understanding disciplinary fields, the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture has always based its educational offering on the inclusion of different modes of knowledge and a fruitful openness to various possible forms of understanding. Practising crosscutting approaches involving disciplinary critical discourse and theoretical thought, their histories and design practice then becomes fundamental whenever we prepare to rethink the role and potential of architectural design in the contemporary world.

This new cycle of public lectures therefore seeks to renew interest in an active dialogue between different forms of discourse – conceptual-reflective and pragmatic-operational – with a series of public encounters with important scholars, researchers and designers, who in their different roles gravitate around the academic community of Mendrisio.


  • 23.02.2023 Jan de Vylder & Inge Vinck, Gent
  • 16.03.2023 Barbara Carnevali, Parigi
  • 23.03.2023 Enrique Walker, Santiago
  • 20.04.2023 Stéphanie Bru, Parigi

Lectures take place at Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio and are streamed live