Resolving the Grey Energy Paradox. International online conference

Demolition Osram building, Munich 2018 © Sebastian Schels
Demolition Osram building, Munich 2018 © Sebastian Schels

Academy of Architecture

Date: 8 May 2023 / 15:00 - 18:30

International conference online


Resolving the Grey Energy Paradox

An international conference on giving embodied carbon its adequate weight in the building sector


8th May 2023, 15:00-18:30

Zoom Webinar

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For us, it's an enigma: everyone talks about gray energy and the importance of existing buildings for meeting climate targets - at the same time, people are tearing down buildings and building new ones as if these findings didn't exist. The building energy law of the Federal Republic of Germany neglects construction energies just as completely as in other countries. Also in the exemplary German climatic protection law, there is no readable budget for the building also here the exclusive focus lies on the operational energies of buildings. Switzerland is a pioneer country in recognizing the importance of construction emissions, but how can the current construction activities - such as the demolition plans for the Triemli Towers in Zurich - be explained?

How do these blatant contradictions of talk and action come about? And much more important - how can they be eliminated? How can we make the invisible visible? How can we adequately include creation emissions in a CO2 impact assessment? How can we provide simple and understandable data and tools as quickly as possible? And which legal regulations would have to be rewritten and how?


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