Institute of Urban and Landscape Studies (ISUP)

Piano di Magadino 1930, Archivio fotografico Consorzio Correzione Fiume Ticino
Piano di Magadino, 1930, Archivio fotografico Consorzio Correzione Fiume Ticino
Istituto di studi urbani e del paesaggio ISUP, Università della Svizzera italiana

The ISUP (Istituto di studi urbani e del paesaggio, Institute of Urban and Landscape Studies) was established with the objective of bringing a clearer structure to the research on urban and landscape themes at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture. The ISUP also supports the research activities of a number of existing institutes, namely OST (Osservatorio dello sviluppo territoriale) and LabiSAlp (Laboratorio di storia delle Alpi).

The ISUP promotes scholarships and research and is supported by complementary disciplines that contribute to the understanding of urban and landscape issues.
The institute shares with the Academy of Architecture a humanistic and wide-ranging approach to research on urban and landscapes issues.
The scope of the ISUP’s work does not focus on a specific geographical area; where relevant, it addresses the regional, national and global challenges society faces. Particular attention is devoted to environmental and sustainability issues.
The ISUP supports and encourages research and scholarships, prioritising projects that promote the wider interests of the school as a whole.


The cultural programme of the Institute includes:

  • organising lectures on urban themes, as part of the public lecture programme coordinated by the Dean’s office
  • convening and coordinating seminars, symposia and conferences
  • supporting exhibitions and public events that relate to research projects undertaken by the ISUP or on topics that contribute to the general awareness of urban and landscape issues
  • publishing the results of research projects with the long-term ambition to create a journal on urban and landscape issues.


Steering Committee Members PhD students​ / Post Doc Coordinator  
  • Prof. Jonathan Sergison, direttore
  • Prof. Frédéric Bonnet
  • Prof. João Nunes
  • Prof. Sascha Roesler
  • Prof. André Bideau
  • Prof. João Gomes da Silva
  • Prof. Simone Garlandini
  • Prof. Michael Jakob
  • Prof. Luigi Lorenzetti
  • Prof. Quintus Miller
  • Prof. Martino Pedrozzi
  • Prof. Muck Petzet
  • ​Silvia Cipelletti
  • Teresa Figuereido
  • Julian Raffetseder
  • Cristina Roiz
    de La Parra Solano
  • Giulia Scotto
  • Miriam Stierle
  • Zeno Zanderigo
  • Mosè Cometta
  • Noa Levin
  • Enrico Sassi