Atelier Arrhov

Johan Arrhov, Docente invitato all'Accademia di architettura
Johan Arrhov

Msc1 / Msc2

13 Notes. 
The studio deals with fragments of everyday life. Words or sentences from the notebook will act as a common ground for the semester. The notes such as “realistic dreams”, “component- building”, “natural light” etc., will be explored and focused on independently, yet as part of a continuous process. We will discover the potential of simple and primitive architecture that uses resources in a controlled and responsible way, closely related to common sense. Using what we find. Understanding what to propose. Components that become a building, not the other way around. We will look for light and efficient constructions. They will be precisely integrated. They will be useful. 
In each topic, we will search for simple facts. To use knowledge as a tool, to be able to be generous and free.