Atelier Pedrozzi

Martino Pedrozzi, Accademia di architettura

BSc3 / MSc1

Touching the ground is a fundamental act of making architecture. In establishing a link with the land, each building can ensure this contact is articulated and significant, can offer a precise contribution to the organisation of the anthropic space and the definition of the so-called ‘landscape’. This reflection will be brought into the territory of Locarno, which extends from the top of the Trosa mountain to the bottom of Lake Maggiore, placing itself as an ideal laboratory to work “in section”: at the architectural scale, investigating the tectonic potential of the connection to the ground in several topographic conditions; at the territorial scale, stimulating a reading of the inhabited space that includes the variations in altitude and reveals the potential for rehabilitating the transversal relations.
Concrete group work on the earth and a trip to Genoa will be an integral part of the research.