Atelier Petzet

Muck Petzet, Accademia di architettura, Mendrisio

BSc3 / MSc1

A train ride of just 20 minutes towards the west takes you into a parallel universe to Mendrisio: a real city, dense, heterogeneous, full of potential. In the autumn semester we want to revisit this town 12 years after the Diploma 2009-10. We want to learn from the results and thinking of our and your colleagues: How have they interpreted the role of the architect to achieve “Architectural and urban transformations in the city of Varese”? What was their approach? What has really happened on the locations they have chosen? 
What is Varese like today? What can we add? subtract? tweak? affirm? reinvent? discover? make available? We will apply our intense working method of search / implement / present and research / reimplement / represent making use of the proximity of Varese.