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Exhibitions 2005-06


Each year the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture presents a rich program of exhibitions. Officially opened in academic year 2005-2006, the Gallery hosts exhibitions on architecture, urban planning, art and photography: monographic exhibitions, devoted to professionals and artists with international reputations, rapidly growing cities, buildings with distinctive design histories. But the space is also used for illustrating the results of teaching and researches conducted by the Academy in collaboration with Foundations and Institutes.

  • Director
    • Josep Acebillo
  • Responsibles
    • Stefania Murer
    • Anna Santi
  • Logistics
    • Stefano Passerini

The Gallery opened with an exhibition devoted to the collection of Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, to whom our school awarded an honorary degree. On display were the works of three American artists of the avant-garde, Anne Appleby, Stuart Arends and Anne Truitt, and photographs on the collection by Giorgio Colombo.

La collezione Panza:
Aplleby, Arends, Truitt

e le fotografie di Colombo
27 October – 20 November 2005

The exhibition was presented as a significant example of the development of a contemporary metropolitan area, displaying strategies and projects for the city’s transformation.

Barcelona in progress
1 December – 19 January 2006

The exhibition afforded an opportunity to explore the Mediterranean city (named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2003) through its urban fabric, the European influences of the Modern Movement and the evolution of the vocabulary of the local architecture.

Tel Aviv: la Città Bianca.
Il Movimento Moderno
9 February – 23 March 2006

The exhibition presented an anthology of Juan Navarro Baldeweg artistic works, which reflected his design research in objects, paintings and installations.

Juan Navarro Baldeweg:

elementi di luce, equilibrio, pittura

6 April – 4 May 2006

The exhibition devoted to the architecture of the brothers Manuel and Francisco
Aires Mateus, professors at the Mendrisio Academy, offered a panorama of their architecture, which reflected their sensitivity to place and study of volumes.

Manuel e Francisco
Aires Mateus. Architetture
18 May – 23 June 2006

At the conclusion of the academic year, the exhibition of the Diploma Projects offered a reflection on conversion integrated with the metropolitan territory of Venice, bringing out the wealth and variety of approaches and method adopted by the Mendrisio Academy’s various design studios.

Diploma 2006.


15 July – 22 September 2006