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Exhibitions 2011-12


Each year the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture presents a rich program of exhibitions. Officially opened in academic year 2005-2006, the Gallery hosts exhibitions on architecture, urban planning, art and photography: monographic exhibitions, devoted to professionals and artists with international reputations, rapidly growing cities, buildings with distinctive design histories. But the space is also used for illustrating the results of teaching and researches conducted by the Academy in collaboration with Foundations and Institutes.

  • Director
    • Mario Botta
  • Dean's Office Coordinator
    • Marco Della Torre
  • Responsible
    • Stefania Murer
  • Logistics
    • Marco Corti
    • Francesco Talaia

As in a laboratory, where the collection of materials provides the impetus for creative vitality, the exhibition devoted to teaching presents architecture in its broadest sense, ranging from the idea of place to context, the landscape and finally the territory, explored in the design studios as well as the approaches and issues presented in lectures. The exhibition provides a picture of a full year at the Academy of Mendrisio through works by the students, demonstrating its great richness in communication.


Mostra sull’Attività Didattica
22 September – 30 October 2011
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Mendrisio Academy of Architecture

Second edition of the Umsicht-Regards-Sguardi award, devoted to architectural and engineering works built in Swiss territory and which deal in exemplary fashion with current social and environmental challenges. The jury, consisting of representatives of the worlds of architecture, scientific research, economics and culture, presented awards to six works and special recognition to two projects for their innovative and programmatic characters. The award-winning solutions were the result of multidisciplinary collaborations and reflect the quality standards sought by the competition. The exhibition features the winning projects through texts, drawings and images by the Swiss artist and photographer Jules Spinatsch, together with interviews with the authors and jurors filmed by the cineaste Marc Schwarz.

Umsicht-Regards-Sguardi 2011
25 November – 23 Dicember 2011
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Società svizzera degli ingegneri

e degli architetti (SIA)

Luigi Moretti (1907-1973), an Italian architect of broad culture and profound sensibility, succeeded in the thirties in combining a solid classical training with a very personal interpretation of Rationalism. His readiness to explore new fields of art and architecture then led him to cultivate a fruitful interest in new experimental forms of knowledge of the reality emerging in the arts and sciences in the fifties and sixties. The complexity of Moretti’s architectural work is illustrated by drawings, models and period photographs arranged in thematic sections, which testify to the theoretical cruxes on which his critical thinking focused: from the kinetic and temporal perception of architecture to spatial qualities and receptiveness to a Baroque vocabulary, from comparison between Baroque and Art Informel, to the fertile link with the history of architecture and art and with the world of science.

Luigi Moretti, architetto.

Dal razionalismo all’informale
23 February – 8 April 2012
curated by

Bruno Reichlin, Annalisa Viati Navone
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Mendrisio Academy of Architecture

and Archivio del Moderno, Mendrisio
MAXXI, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

and Archivio Centrale dello Stato, Rome

The Katsura Imperial Villa was built on the west bank of the river of the same name, not far from Kyoto, in about 1620 by Prince Toshihito and was later extended and completed in its present form in about 1650. The building exerted great fascination over many European architects visiting Japan, including Bruno Taut and Walter Gropius. The exhibition features 80 original photographs in black and white taken between 1953 and 1983 by the photographer Ishimoto Yasuhiro, who was born in 1921 in San Francisco to Japanese parents and died in Tokyo on February 6, 2012. In 1953, commissioned by the MoMA, Ishimoto went to Japan to document the local architecture and there he had his first encounter with Katsura, to which he devoted himself above all the following year. Many of the photographs taken in May 1954 were later published in 1960 in a memorable book, accompanied by the writings of Walter Gropius and Kenzo Tange.

Katsura Imperial Villa.
Photographs by Ishimoto Yasuhiro
19 April – 20 May 2012 
promoted by

The Japan Foundation,

Japanisches Kulturinstitut, Cologne
Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für

Gestaltung, Berlin