Extraordinary elections for student representatives in the Senate 


Institutional Communication Service

2 May 2022

As of Monday, 25 April 2022, it will be possible to submit candidacies for the snap elections of new student representatives to the USI Academic Senate for the Faculties of Architecture, Communication, Economics, Informatics and Biomedicine. The current representatives of these Faculties and their substitutes are unable to continue their mandate, some due to the end of their studies at USI, some due to mobility, and others due to other academic commitments. 

The Senate is a central body in the academic fabric and is responsible for numerous decisions relevant to the development of the University: among other things, it appoints professors and renews their contracts, ratifies study regulations, and discusses the budget and strategic planning. Last but not least, the student representatives elected to the Senate are by right members of the governing body of the Student Corporation. This structure brings the voice of students to the competent bodies and decides in the first instance how to use the University's budget available to the Corporation to promote university life. 


Who can apply? 

According to Article 11 of the Academic Senate Regulations, the "student body elects one student per faculty, each with a substitute". It means that each student can run in tandem with another partner of the same Faculty, regardless of their course of study. Both candidates must determine who is the principal candidate and who is the running mate that will take his/her place when necessary. 


What is the role of the student representative? 

The representatives of the student body in the Academic Senate are also the students who lead the Student Corporation and vice versa. This role represents an opportunity for students to enrich their education, grow and participate in academic life and make a difference.  

In particular, the representatives of the student body : 

  • Sit in the Academic Senate, representing USI students: the Senate aims to strengthen the cohesion of the University and the representatives have the opportunity to make their voices heard.  
  • Are by right members of the Student Corporation's governing body, the Student Council, which represents an opportunity for students to enrich their education, grow and participate in academic life to make a difference. The Student Council decides in the first instance how to use the Corporation's budget to promote university life, evaluating proposals from student associations and drawing up its own projects. The Student Council meets typically three times a semester.  


How do I submit my candidacy? 

Applications must be submitted through the platform www.senato.usi.ch (log on with your edu-ID). Apply from Monday, 25 April 2022 (9 am) until Wednesday, 4 May 2022 (11:59 pm). 


When will elections be held? 

Elections will take place from Thursday, 5 May (12 - noon) to Sunday, 15 May (11:59 pm) - through the platform. Results will be announced on Monday, 16 May 2022, at 2 pm. 

The elected representatives will then be able to attend the Senate session scheduled for 2 June 2022. 

The term of office of the student representatives will end on 31 August 2023.