LabiSAlp, the History of the Alps Study Centre

LabiSAlp, the History of the Alps Study Centre, started as a natural sequel to the Institute of History of the Alps which was set up in 2000 under the auspices of the Università della Svizzera italiana and of the Associazione di Storia delle Alpi (AISA) directed by Prof. Jean-François Bergier. The locating of LabiSAlp at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture is aimed to foster the development of synergies within territorial research.

By focusing on Alpine space, the Study Centre intends to examine more deeply the endogenous historical dynamics of that space, without forgetting that the Alps are also a place of exchange and contact. This refers in particular to the extra-Alpine world, with which it has built up numerous economic, political and cultural exchanges. It is through this twin key that the variegated identity of the Alps can be seized and that the Study Centre orientates its activities, promoting research projects and organising conferences and workshops that find a wide variety of points for exploration within the field of territorial history. LabiSAlp is also the head office of the AISA secretariat, whose activities and the publication of its annual journal “Histoire des Alpes – Storia delle Alpi – Geschichte der Alpen” it coordinates.
LabiSAlp is furthermore a venue for the group of Associated Researchers (RA) who gather at regular intervals to present the results of their research and to discuss historiographic and methodological matters.
LabiSAlp has a library devoted to the history of the Alps, which currently contains over a thousand books concerning all the geographical areas and languages of the Alpine area.


Coordinator Staff PhD students  
  • Luigi Lorenzetti
  • Vanessa Giannò
  • Roberto Leggero
  • Marisa Furci