Research at the Academy

At the Academy of Architecture, as in other Swiss university faculties, research is fostered by the university itself, by the institutes that back up its activities, and by the federal institutions established for the purpose.

In Mendrisio research was firstly oriented towards topics in the history of architecture as a discipline and contemporary architectural culture, through the activities of the Archivio del Moderno. It was then extended to the territorial ambit following the creation of the iCUP (institute for the Contemporary Urban Project) and the LabiSAlp (Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi). Now, with the recent foundation of the ISA, Institute for the history and theory of art and architecture, a competitive research platform has been launched.
Currently under way are research projects financed by the National Research Fund and the Swiss University Conference.


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National Research Fund projects

Swiss University Conference projects

  • Paesaggi, miti e tecnologia. Enciclopedia delle infrastrutture nella regione del San Gottardo e il loro impatto sui mutamenti del paesaggio dal 1850
  • Enciclopedia critica per il restauro e il riuso dell’architettura del XX secolo
  • Superstudio