Information on Exams

Fall Session: 29.08.2022 - 10.09.2022

Exam registration: 10.08.2022 - 20.08.2022 (12 noon)

Registration is required to take exams during the fall session 2022:

(see attached "mini-how-to" showing the procedure)

Examination procedures for each course are communicated by the lecturers in charge.

Exams results

Exams results for the fall session will be visible online on the SV.

Any missing grades will be posted as soon as they are in our possession.
In order to view your final grades you will need to log into the system using your SwitchID and password.

Official final grades with any weighted averages will always be visible online on the SV.
Any complaints may be submitted in writing to the secretariat within 30 days of the communication of the disputed decision (in accordance with Article 50 of the Regulations of Studies and Examinations of the Academy of Architecture).

Please refer to the Regulations for requirements regarding promotion.

The secretariat remains available for any questions.