Mobility in Europe - SEMP Programme

Following the suspension of negotiations on Switzerland's association to Erasmus+, to continue to allow European mobility, the Federal Council has drawn up a temporary solution by providing funds to finance both incoming and outgoing exchanges. Exchange grants for a period of study in one of the European partner universities will be assured.
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SEMP Studies Scholarship

The Erasmus programme entitles you to receive a bursary if the following conditions are met:

  • You are enrolled at USI
  • You are not holding another bursary of the European Union for an international student exchange programme

Scholarships are not expected to cover the entire costs incurred during the stay abroad period, but they may contribute toward travel expenses and some of the living costs.

Payment of the SEMP scholarship

The scholarship will be paid by the International Relations Office in July (for Autumn Terms) and in January (for Spring Terms). The bursary will be credited directly to the student's bank or postal account: two-thirds payable at the time of departure, while the remaining third is payable on receipt of the signed Certificate of Attendance, the signed Learning Agreement, the End of studies report form and the Exchange Report (see here).



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  • SEMP - OUTGOING students

    Open spots at partner universities

    Click here to see the list (refer to SEMP section)



    The general requisites for students who wish to participate in the SEMP program are as follows:

    • Be enrolled in a course of study at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture;
    • Possess the prerequisites according to the Regulations of Studies of the Faculty;
    • Have a knowledge of the language of the country in which they intend to spend the period of study.


    The period at the host university is either 1 or 2 semesters.



    The Academy of Architecture makes an on-line selection of candidates.

    The candidates should submit following documents:

    • portfolio (book) of the best projects completed during the years of bachelor study;
    • letter of motivation:
    • language certificates.

    Deadline of the application: 11 February at 17:00. The results will be communicated at theend of February.
    The selection is made only once during the academic year.


    Program of studies

    Before leaving, the selected candidates must define a basic program of studies and present it to the International Relations and Mobility Service. The agreed program (learning agreement) makes it possible to validate the equivalence of the interuniversity stay spent abroad.
    At the end of the stay the exchange will be validated by the Mobility Commission following the presentation of a portfolio of completed projects and a certificate stating the allocation of ECTS credits.


    Knowledge of the language

    An adequate knowledge of the language in which you will follow the courses abroad is a prerequisite for access to courses offered by the partner universities. In the case of countries whose language is not widely spoken abroad (such as Finland, Holland...), it should be noted that courses are often offered in English and so require a knowledge of this language.



    The National Agency publishes annually the maximum grants offered as financial support for the SEMP exchanges.


    Contact with the host university

    Each host university has its own terms of enrolment.
    The International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy passes the names and application forms to the partner universities. The students selected must then independently consult the host university, download the registration forms, complete them and submit them to the host university before the deadline.
    From this time on students are required to keep informed about the preparations for departure.


    Health Insurance

    On the basis of the agreements between the countries of the European Union, EU students are exempted from the possession of specific insurance coverage in case of illness. However, it is essential that the student should have a European Health Insurance Card. For further information contact:

    Ufficio dell’assicurazione malattia
    Via Ghiringhelli 15
    6500 Bellinzona (Switzerland)
    phone. +41 91 821 93 15/16



    Accommodation and the rental procedures vary depending on the host country and universities. It is advisable to contact the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture and of the partner institution to check the requirements.



    Having obtained all the relevant information from the host university (beginning of courses, accommodation, welcome activities, language courses...) the student can plan the date of departure and travel arrangements.
    On the day of departure it is essential to have the following documents:

    • valid ID card or other document for travel abroad;
    • european health insurance card;
    • certificate of enrolment issued by the USI;
    • two passport photos;
    • contact information (phone, fax, email ...) of the personal responsible for exchanges at the host university, who should be consulted for any information required.

    In addition, if the destination is a country outside the European Community, students must:

    • ensure they have a passport;
    • apply for an entry visa for study;
    • take out private health insurance if the host country so requires.

    Information about the legislation of the host country should be gained well in advance. In this respect, students are recommended to refer to the International Relations Office of the host university.


    Arrival abroad

    On arrival, the student must report to the International Relations Office of the host university. To ensure communication with the Mobility Service, the student must submit their contact details (email, address, phone, fax ...) as soon as possible to: [email protected]
    For all educational information, students should contact the International Exchange coordinator of the host university.



    For the recognition of the exams taken abroad it should be borne in mind that each partner university has its own official procedure for the issue of the documentation: usually the International Relations Office of the host university sends the certification of the examinations taken by the student to the director of the Mobility Service of the home university, which may be some weeks after the student’s return.
    It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the certification of the educational activities completed abroad is delivered to the coordinator of the faculty.


    Report at end of stay

    Within three weeks of the end of the period of study abroad under the SEMP program, the student must send or deliver to the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy, c/o the secretary’s office, a report on the period of study (necessary, for example, to obtain the second and final installment of the grant) and a short report.

    Read reports from students who have already completed the exchange (you must use your Academy computer login to access the reports)



  • SEMP - INCOMING students

    All students in the SEMP program are officially Erasmus candidates from their university of origin, which must be partner of the Academy of Architecture based on a bilateral agreement.


    Deadlines autumn semester

    Applications must reach the Academy by May 1.
    Course timetables will be published by the Faculty a few weeks before the start of courses.
    SEMP students should not enroll in the design studios and lecture courses before the semester starts. They will be enrolled in the first week of the semester.


    Deadlines spring semester

    Applications must reach the Academy by November 1.
    Course timetables will be published by the Faculty a few weeks before the start of courses.
    SEMP students should not enroll in the design studios and lecture courses before the semester starts. They will be enrolled in the first week of the semester.


    How to register

    As soon as a student has been officially nominated by his/her home university, the International Relations and Mobility Service of the Academy of Architecture will send him some information including a password for the online application.
    The student will receive written confirmation (plus other important information) when the dossier has been evaluated.
    No later than one month before the end of their stay at the Academy of Architecture students are encouraged to write a report on their period of study following the suggested guidelines and send it in digital format to: [email protected]
    In order to assist students and ensure their stay at the Academy is as useful and enjoyable as possible, the International Relations and Mobility Service publishes a brochure in English containing practical information dealing with points such as: accommodation, health insurance, residence permit and much else.
    For more information: [email protected]


    Practical information for students staying at the Academy