Atelier Bonnet

Frédéric Bonnet - Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Photo Alberto Canepa

BSc 3 / MSc 1 / MSc2

La Ville légère.
The studio this year will investigate the theme of fragility and resources within the relationship between the urban system of the “Insubric” city and its territory. The specificity of the site, which encloses the arc of territory between Varese and Lecco, characterized by a continuous urban fabric tracing a historical substrate of an agricultural character, is entwined with extraordinary morphologies and natural landscapes. The balance between these two structures is likely to be broken by a “dream” of unlimited growth without consequences. How to imagine a “Ville légère” with less impact on environmental issues? Starting from these general themes and following research, each student will be free to propose project typologies relevant to the theme he/she wishes to address.