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Architecture and Urban Climates. Conferenza di Sascha Roesler



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Sascha Roesler

Architecture and Urban Climates 

The notion of “city climate” draws on insights from various disciplines, with strong connections to architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Urban climatology as a science evolved in the early 20th century with the genesis of new industrial landscapes and the emergence of modern planning principles. City climate research raised the novel question of the impact of the city on the local weather conditions; “the manner in which these great concentrations of human beings influence their climate” as climatologist Albert Kratzer stated in 1937. Over the course of the 20th century, the city climate turned out to be an important driver for urban transformations, since the climatic conditions were closely associated with questions of hygiene, air pollution, thermal comfort, energy conservation, and passive climate control. The lecture will address the need and the difficulties to apply the insights of urban climatolgy in the built environment. Various forms of application in the field of architecture will be discussed and thus the possible transformation of the scientific object into a design artifact. 


giovedì 25 ottobre 2018 ore 19.00


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Sascha Roesler è architetto è Professore del FNS per l'architettura e la teoria. È stato docente all'ETHZ e al Future Cities Laboratory di Singapore. Nel suo attuale progetto di ricerca, all'incrocio tra architettura, etnografia e studi scientifici, pone attenzione alle forme di controllo passivo del clima nelle condizioni urbane contemporanee.





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