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    • Paolo Zermani
Paolo Zermani



sem I

ects 15


A space for books in Italy

The work of the studio will deal with the theme of the Italian landscape, the privileged place for designing and experimenting with relations between ancient and new. Here the combination of nature and artifice, which over the centuries has defined the original features of architecture, offers a unique accumulation of layers and measures, most recently supplemented by the twentieth century. The experience of the project will be set in this geographical horizon through the design of a library in Urbino. Place, time, land, light and silence will constitute the elements to establish, in the changed contemporary reality, a renewed, but not gratuitous flow of measures between spirit and matter.

The experience of the design studio will be supplemented by a field trip to Italy, with particular reference to Urbino and places associated with Leopardi.

Final critiques.

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