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Tommaso Rodari e il Rinascimento comasco


Through an analysis of the artistic and social dynamics underlying the organisation and direction of the important construction site of Como cathedral, on which painters, master glass-makers, goldsmiths and sculptors were active, and by retracing the historiography of the four brothers Rodari, the volume reconstructs the work of Tommaso and his workshop, reordering the chronology of some works and proposing a linear path from his early to his late activity.

Preface by Giovanni Agosti.

Laboratorio Ticino

This volume brings together a series of contributions illustrating the work done in recent years by the Laboratorio Ticino, a structure of the USI Academy of Architecture devoted to the design of the territory, whose work also flows into the teaching and dissemination of urban culture and contemporary landscape design.

Texts by Michele Arnaboldi, Gianni Biondillo, Riccardo Blumer, Frédéric Bonnet, Claudio Ferrata, Aurelio Galfetti, João Nunes, Gian Paolo Torricelli e Simone Garlandini.