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Capolavori in miniatura. Pier Luigi Nervi e la modellazione strutturale

Pier Luigi Nervi (1891-1979), last century’s most famous Italian engineer, devised many of his architectural works by using sophisticated scale models which provided a preview of their stability. The result of elevated scientific knowledge and craft skills, these models accurately reflect Nervi’s ideas, always convinced of the necessary synthesis between engineering and architecture, science and art. The book is the result of lengthy historical archival research, enriched by a very full iconographic apparatus that reveals the exceptional nature of these “miniature masterpieces”.

Villa Girasole. La casa rotante / The Revolving House

«Along with Pierre Chareau’s Maison de Verre, Paris of 1932, and Adalberto Libera’s Casa Malaparte in Capri of 1938, the Villa Girasole, finally launched on its diurnal cycle in 1935, now begins to assume its rightful place as one of the eccentric masterpieces of twentieth century architecture» (Kenneth Frampton).


Texts in English and Italian by Kenneth Frampton, Aurelio Galfetti, Valeria Farinati.

Photographs by Enrico Cano.

Master Enrolments

Atlante Città Ticino 2

The Atlas is the outcome of the PNR 65 research on “Public Space in the ‘Città Ticino’ of Tomorrow”.

Metro Milano. Il cantiere della metropolitana milanese 1958-1962

«I’m gazing at photos of construction work. It is a fund acquired by the Academy of Mendrisio, representing the construction of Linea 1 of the Milan subway. Photographs with no artistic purpose, a pure record of the facts. No literature, no flights of fancy or female distractions, pure factual concreteness. Photos by
engineers. Yet so beautiful, so full of stories.»
Gianni Biondillo

Diploma 2012. Lisbona

The 106 diploma projects proposed in 2012 by the students of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in the design studios run by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus, Walter Angonese, Michele Arnaboldi, Martin Boesch, Esteban Bonell, Mario Botta, Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi, Antonio Citterio, Marc Collomb, Quintus Miller, Valerio Olgiati, Jonathan Sergison.